SPAs, wellness centres, wellness areas, gyms and much more: there are many places dedicated to well-being: and Alca works to preserve their quality.


Where we are different

The bacteriological load that can be hidden in a place where training activities are carried out can be massive: it is for this reason that cleaning can never be underestimated.

Alca ha lavorato molto per creare, grazie alla ricerca del laboratorio chimico interno, soluzioni altamente competitive che sappiano proteggere ambienti e persone, garantendo di vivere serenamente il proprio momento di relax. D’altronde, il benessere parte proprio dal potersi giovare di luoghi puliti!

Thanks also to the research carried out in its in-house chemical laboratory, Alca has worked hard to create highly competitive solutions able to protect environments and people, guaranteeing trouble-free enjoyment of that moment of relaxation. But then, well-being starts from being able to rely on clean places!

The main advantages

Specific solutions

for every environment

Concentrated products:

less waste, more efficiency

Water and energy


Personnel training

in the use of products

Specific products for:

 wellness centres
massage centres

wellness areas

If you manage or work in one of these places, contact us: we will find the right solution for you!




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