Historically, big factories have been considered unattractive places: in recent years, however, attention to the workplace has become central in any company aiming for excellence. Alca plays its part, with a line of products specifically designed for manufacturing companies.


Where we are different

As in every self-respecting company, research is fundamental: Alca starts from its direct experience as a manufacturer to offer its big customers solutions that are able to improve the working environment by intervening not only on the most functional characteristics (cleaning, sanitation) but also on the environment (such as smells). The standard range can also be combined with tailor-made solutions, achievable thanks to the advice of our technicians and the work of the chemical laboratory, attentive to every need.

The main advantages:

Specific solutions

for every environment

Concentrated products:

less waste, more efficiency

Water and energy


Personnel training

in the use of products

Specific products for:

production lines
meeting rooms
storage facilities
processing plants
assembly lines
engeneering workshops

If you manage or work in one of these places, contact us: we will find the right solution for you!




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