What if we told you that Alca’s autumn is again full of news? To be precise, cleaning products that effective?

You would probably think that here we go again, on the other hand last year it was a bit the same thing, even if the difference from 2020 is clear.

In fact, this 2021 brings with it other launches, after that of disposable bags for washing hands.

Products for all tastes

The first on the list of this season full of launches is the Dermoman, Ecolabel edition.

It is a liquid soap for those who work in the industry, cleaning and service sectors. Composed of water-based detergents and emollient agents, specific for daily hand cleansing in the professional field, for offices and for companies in general. It does not contain abrasives, solvents or alkaline substances; leaves the skin soft even after numerous washes. Attention, because the raw materials used are allowed for cosmetic use .

The second reference that makes up this new triptych of products is Satiner Plus , a ready-to-use bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant for hard surfaces.
Compound based on surfactants and water-based synergistic agents, it is designed for frequent cleaning and disinfection of all washable surfaces that may also come into contact with food. It does not attack metals, light alloys and Plexiglas surfaces.

Suitable for disinfection in the institutional setting (schools, offices, food and non-food industries). The formulation is based on quaternary ammonium salts, therefore it can therefore constitute a valid tool for the application of HACCP plans and in all those situations in which mold and bacteria create inconvenience.

Cleans and disinfects in a single operation and can be used for both external and internal stainless steel microwaves.
It does not contain abrasive substances; there is no risk of scratches and / or streaks.
The Satiner Plus is suitable for cleaning surfaces in contact with food.

Finally, the trio of new products for your autumn is completed by the King Glass Spray .
New (but not so much) reference for the Alca catalog, it is a rapid glass cleaner, composed of fast volatility substances and surfactants.

Specifically for a perfect cleaning of glasses, metals, crystals and all vertical or horizontal polishable surfaces, it does not leave halos and prevents the formation of fingerprints.
Spraying it on a clean cloth will easily clean phones, lights and the like.

If used regularly, the King Glass Spray ensures a high gloss to surfaces and very fast drying.

For any information (and to place an order) you can contact our consultants from 8.00 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17.00, from Monday to Friday, as mentioned through Messenger as well as to the number +39 335.1306624 (we also reply on WhatsApp) or via email, by writing to .

Autumn has now begun.

With all these novelties, it cannot be said that it is not packed with cleaning!

Alca cleaning service…awesome!