Use of cookies

A cookie is a simple computer file made of text, sent by a website and memorized in your browser, while you are visiting a website. Cookies can be memorized only for this specific time in which you are accessing the website (session cookie), or they can be memorized in your browser for a definite time, independently from the ongoing session (persistent cookie).
Cookies work in combination with the website content in order to collect and register information. Cookies cannot transmit virus or install malware.

Necessary cookies

They are constantly active and are necessary for the correct working of website’s basic functionalities. These cookies let to recognize the user visiting the website during one session or, if requested, in the following sessions too. The website cannot properly work without these cookies.

Preference cookies

They let the website to remember the information which influence the way the site behave or present itself.
This website does not use preference cookies, except for the one used to memorize the choice given about the acceptance of cookies.

Statistical cookies

They help the owner of the webpage to understand how visitors interact with sites, collecting and sending information anonymously.
This website use statistical cookies of Google Analytics, for deactivating them visit this page: