We protect kitchens, break rooms, and hospitality facilities

What makes us different

Cleaning and sanitizing thoroughly, so that no bacterial colonies hazardous to human health may form. To the Horeca world, Alca offers a line of specific products arising from decades-long research into cleaning solutions for this particular sector. Besides pre-packaged products, the Alca laboratory can develop tailor-made solutions for every need, since each facility has an identity of its own, some special features to be safeguarded, and specific requirements to be met. In this connection, Alba Chemical specializes in providing what we refer to as “Advanced Cleaning Solutions”, knowing that in the Horeca world, attention is never enough.

Specific products for:

self service restaurants
catering services
ice cream parlours
pastry shops

If you manage or work at one of these locations, contact us: we will find the right solution for you!

The main advantages:

Specific solutions for every environment

Reduced water and energy consumption

Concentrated products: less waste, enhanced efficiency

Personnel training on how to use our products